Urban Disaster Survival

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Tap or pinch to zoom. Urban Survival Bug Out Bag is a great bug out bag for those who live in crowded areas. The last thing you want to do in an emergency is to draw unwanted attention to your emergency supply. The black, ordinary looking backpack allows you to better blend in with the crowd and increases your safety in an emergency. If you live in an urban area, the last thing you want to do in an emergency is to draw attention to your emergency supply. The more you can blend in the better. How much space do I need to store these items?

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Costco luckily provides various types of emergency kits that can aid to your survival. Both of these kits, complete with a Family Emergency Plan can be just what you need to survive and take up almost no space. To take your emergency preparedness to the next level, brush up on the specific steps of what to expect from various types of natural disasters, virus outbreaks, etc.

FEMA offers this information and even more on their website www. Your significant other may be at work across town; you might be at the dentist. But it has to be somewhere memorable — this does not work if everyone forgets where the meeting place is.

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Make sure everyone is on the same page and even practice a few rendezvous drills to this location. When you get home, check the news and talk to your neighbors to dig up more information on the situation. There are some considerations to take into account:. What is your emergency food stock looking like? Depending on how much food and water you have stocked up , you may be able to survive at home longer.

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The better your stockpile, the higher your chances of survival. How serious is the disaster or emergency? OR, it could be a severe but temporary emergency in which case bugging out might be a rash decision. Of course, unanticipated things happen all the time — and they tend to occur more frequently during emergencies and disasters. Some unforeseen event may sway your decision. It may force you out of the city, or trap you within your own home; expect the unexpected. The real survival threat in an urban setting is the sheer number of people fighting over the same resources.

The Urban Disaster Timeline

So to survive such an environment we will primarily focus on the following two skills:. If you can limit your exposure to others and scavenge essential resources, your chances of urban survival go up significantly. Avoiding others will be a real challenge in a dense city, but the easiest way to avoid other people is to stay hidden in your home or apartment. So limiting the amount of exposure to others by hunkering down is a good first step.

But more often than not, in serious emergencies roads will be jammed up anyways. This can be a serious obstacle for someone determined to get back to home base or trying to move about the city. Cars and trucks are the hardest to get around in the midst of chaos. However, with all of these options you are highly exposed. Miles could take days if remaining hidden is required.

So you also need to have a self-defense plan and be ready to take immediate proactive action.

Is Urban Survival really possible?

Firearms are loud but effective so equip yours with a suppressor. Melee weapons are quieter but less efficient. I plan to have both options with me at all times and use the one that seems most appropriate for any given situation. People who live and work in urban environments should know their area intimately. Take multiple different routes to and from work each day to explore new areas and find back alleys and shortcuts. Study these maps. Urban survival includes learning how to move about a city undetected; like a ninja. Traveling over rooftops or sewer systems becomes a major advantage.

These are routes you should start practicing today to move secretly throughout a city.

5 Military Urban Survival Skills Every Tactical Prepper Must Know

But where are you going and why? Finding useful resources in an urban environment may seem like a simple process. Just dart off to the nearest Walmart or Target, right? The problem with these public locations is that they are obvious. So you need some new ideas.

What’s the Difference Between a Bug Out Bag and a Get Home Bag?