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Flag as inappropriate. It syncs automatically with your account and allows you to read online or offline wherever you are. Please follow the detailed Help center instructions to transfer the files to supported eReaders. More related to health. See more. Melanie Smith. Health, Tourism and Hospitality: Spas, Wellness and Medical Travel, 2nd Edition takes an in-depth and comprehensive look at the growing health, wellness and medical tourism sectors in a global context. The book analyses the history and development of the industries, the way in which they are managed and organised, the expanding range of new and innovative products and trends, and the marketing of destinations, products and services.

Patricia Erfurt-Cooper. Geothermal springs constitute a major tourism resource, providing spectacular settings, recreation facilities, a recognised value in treatments beneficial for health and wellness, a sense of heritage and adventure, and links with the natural environment. This makes it an economically and socially important area of tourism demanding in-depth analysis. This book explores health and wellness tourism from a range of perspectives including usage, heritage, management, technology, environmental and cultural features, and marketing. Medical Tourism. John Connell. Although it may seem a recent phenomenon, tourism has long been associated with improved health and spa tourism has its roots in antiquity.

With the emergence of activities such as bushwalking and meditation, and with increasing numbers of people travelling abroad for medical or cosmetic procedures, medical tourism is now a growing niche in the tourism market. This book looks at the background and rise of health tourism, new emerging facets of the sector, and examines how health related travel fits into a tourism framework. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students.

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John K. Spa resorts were a favoured destination for affluent seekers after health and comfortable leisure in opulent surroundings from the seventeenth to the twentieth century, although in the railway age they began to suffer from competition from new fashions in leisure and tourism, especially the seaside holiday. During their heyday the leading spa resorts became hotbeds of political and diplomatic intrigue, and gathering-points for high society. As such, they also became important businesses, and distinctive, carefully-managed urban environments. This book was published as a special issue of the Journal of Tourism History.

Wine and Society. Steve Charters. Wine is becoming increasingly popular in the Anglophone world and there are many books available which describe how and where it is made. However, none address the fundamental questions of different structures of production and how the consumer relates to the product — this book is the first to do just that. Wine and Society: the cultural and social context of wine production and consumption looks at the relationship between wine production and marketing, focussing in consumer behaviour and cultural attitudes.

Suitable for third year and post-graduate students of hospitality, wine both in production and marketing , wine tourism, gastronomy and related courses, it encourages students to think critically about the issues raised by using real life case studies and examples from around the world, also including press releases and marketing campaigns. Similar ebooks.

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Lesley Braun. Herbs and Natural Supplements, 4th Edition: An evidence-based guide is an authoritative, evidence-based reference.

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This two-volume resource is essential to the safe and effective use of herbal, nutritional and food supplements. Recommended by the Pharmacy Board of Australia as an evidence-based reference works print that pharmacists are meant to have access to when dispensingContributed content from naturopaths, GPs, pharmacists, and herbalists Useful in a clinical setting as well as a reference book. It provides up-to-date evidence on the latest research impacting on herbal and natural medicine by top leaders in Australia within the fields of Pharmacy, Herbal Medicine and Natural Medicine. Kitchen Confidential.

Understanding the Global Spa Industry brings an analytic lens to the spa movement, examining past, current and future trends and the potential for shaping wellness and health services in the 21st century. Educational Institute.

J65 Latest edition in Nestle Library; see a librarian for access. This specialty report offers summary financial benchmarking data for a hotel's spa department. Report schedules for spa department revenues, expenses, and profits are presented by location, square feet, number of treatment room, and by revenue categories. The data is presented as a percent of revenue, per available guest room, per occupied guest room, per square foot, and per treatment room. D36 Spa Business Strategies covers important business topics such as the need to develop a clear vision and solid business plan; understanding demographics and identifying their target market; finding the best location or purchasing an existing spa business; planning the physical space or the architecture and design of their spa; purchasing products and equipment; technology and computer systems; developing key marketing tools and strategies; analyzing sales and productivity data; promoting retail and service sales, and more.

M69 Spa and Salon Alchemy is a practical and definitive guide to building, opening and operating a profitable spa or salon. Cutting-edge recommendations will help professionals lower their start-up costs and fine-tune their business systems to boost revenues and increase profitability.

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The author clarifies emerging trends in the industry as well as consumer demands. Health and Wellness Tourism by Patricia J.

E74 The use of natural geothermal springs in the treatment of illness and the promotion of wellness thermalism, balneology forms the foundation for a discussion of the development and growth of health and wellness tourism in this book. A range of perspectives are explored, including usage, heritage, management, technology, environmental and cultural features, and marketing.

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H37 S36 Spa Business is written for investors and developers, operators and buyers, designers and suppliers.