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With comparison, I always lose, so I end up berating myself at the beach, which is not my aim when I leave the house. My new goal for this year is to focus on that bully. I am going to do my best to try and NOT compare my body to the other bodies on the beach. Have I put a bikini on? But I do find that summer is the most social season, so I feel that my anxiety does ramp up a bit in the warmer, more social months.

As I mentioned, winter is easier for me, because I can stay inside and hide, guilt free, because of the cold weather, where summer makes me feel like I must take advantage of the social outings that present themselves. Whereas as soon as the fall starts, I feel a sense of comfort knowing that the social activities will slow down and I can spend some guilt-free time at home with Netflix.

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This summer, I am actually going to go to an outdoor concert. Am I excited about it? Am I nervous about it? Yes, but I am feeling optimistic that I will allow myself to have a good time.

5 Beautiful Thoughts About Summertime

With the nice weather comes the increased activity on my social media feeds of my social media friends having the best time of their lives with their friends and families. I think this has to do with my social anxiety and the increased pressure I feel to get out and do more in the summer. Please know that if you have had, or are having similar thoughts, you are not alone!

If you need help controlling your swim suit or social anxiety, feel free to check out the resources below; they really helped me. I hope you enjoy the last month of summer; I know that I will try!

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Let off steam. Treat yourself to weekly sessions with a skilled therapist. During that time, keep the focus on you. Whether you divorce or decide to stay married, use the opportunity to explore your patterns, feelings, needs, and hopes for the future. Resist the urge to pick fights or make matters worse by having an affair or publicly humiliating your soon-to-be-ex by airing your grievances.

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