The Single Parenting Survival Guide: How to avoid the single parent trap

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She shared her story of becoming a single mum, and gave us an insight into a typical week in the life of a body building single mum. She also shares her advice for new single mums and what she loves best about being a single mum. She is a true inspiration, and a perfect example of someone who is following her dreams and her passion, doing whatever it takes, and making it work despite being a single mum.

She tells us how how she gets it done as a single mum. Along with sharing her story of becoming a single mum, Viviana also gives us an insight into a typical week in the life of a body building single mum.

Career Or Family? You Only Need To Give Up 2 - 5 Years Of Your Life

She also shares her tips for staying organised and saving time. Hint — no TV! Not even the Bachelor.

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Listen in to hear all about it, and how to be the first to know when enrollments are open. There will only be spots available for this course, so get on the list for first dibs plus an early bird price special by registering your interest in the course on my website either via the pop up when you enter the website or on the Services page.

Leaving an abusive relationship after 12 years of marriage, Kate shares how she came to the decision to end her relationship, her experience of continuing to live with her ex for five months, how she managed to quit the expat lifestyle she shared with her husband in Brunei and bring her children home to Australia, and the freedom she felt when she became a single mum. Kate also shares her journey since becoming a single mum which includes looking at her situation as an opportunity to find herself again, studying and starting a new career, and re-partnering. Hills Complete Counselling.

Lizzy helps women find and keep their confidence, vitality and joy through making exercise a part of their life. Lizzy is a certified personal trainer, integrative nutrition health coach, a presenter, a speaker, an author and founder of Two-minute Moves! She has also contributed to, and been featured, on many fabulous online publications, programs and blogs, and has been up on stage speaking and getting audiences off their chairs all around Australia.

Lizzy shares her personal story and experience with postnatal depression, and how this led to the creation of Two-minute Moves. She also shares her tips on how to exercise and look after yourself as a busy mother, the small things that can make a big difference, and changing your exercise mindset. She also tells us all about her new book which is available now. Two-minute Moves. If you are struggling and think you may need to reach out for help or someone to talk to, please contact:. Working Parent Resource. Maureen is an IVF single mother by choice with two children, and a successful business owner and coach.

Maureen is a very funny, open, relatable, and amazing woman, and is hilarious and a delight to listen to.

Maureen pound Coaching. This is a really amazing and insightful discussion and one of my favourite conversations to date. In this solo episode of the Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast, Julia chats about getting sick as a single mum, and reflections that were made during her recent illness. We talk about her experiences of becoming a single mum twice and how they differed , the relationship history with the fathers of her children, her co-parenting relationships with her ex partners, the positive things about being a single mum, and lots more!

Kate also shares her tips for new single mums. We chat about a whole range of topics from gaining strength, to the stigma of single mums, setting boundaries, and raising children.

Escaping the parent trap

Lara is a true inspiration. At age 41, Lara Flanagan was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis and was told she was destined to a life in a wheelchair. After struggling to accept the news she eventually took control of her condition to embrace the best life has to offer. Selling everything she owned, since last year, she and her 9 year old twins have been setting out on the ultimate adventure around the globe all while inspiring others with her message of hope.

In her own words, she is also a photo taking, food obsessed, foul mouthed, constantly writing and country-loving Mamma. She is on the constant hunt for taste, colour, flavour and love with lashings of food for the soul. Her blog covers everything from dealing with life in the country as a single mum city-chic to being diagnosed with MS to travelling the world with twins, armed only with a laptop and her camera. It covers the good, the bad, the funny, the sad and the downright fucking ugly. In this episode Part 2 we talk about how her diagnosis with MS motivated her to live life to the fullest and travel the world for 9 months with her 8 year old twins.

We also talk about her blog — My Notes from New England, the best things about being a single mum, her advice for new single mums and lots lots more! In this episode Part 1 we talk about the circumstances under which Lara became a single mum, her move to the country, and about her diagnosis with MS — what MS is, how she came to terms with her diagnosis and how she manages her illness all whilst being a single mum to 9 year old twins.

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Brigitte helps women achieve a life full of success by accessing their true feminine power by letting go of their limiting beliefs and fears. She is most passionate about empowering women to step into their authentic self and find true love. Her mission is to educate both men and women on what healthy relationships are meant to look and feel like. Brigitte works with people from all walks of life, including celebrities and has appeared on Channel 7 and programs such as Studio Her personal story is one of survival and courage.

She has proved to herself and the world that leaving a toxic relationship is possible with the right resources and support. She has dedicated her life to helping women transcend their victim mentality, self-limiting beliefs, fears and patterns, to create a life they really deserve, one of love, happiness, peace and purpose. We start by talking about vaginal massage. Brigitte tells us of her recent experience with getting a yoni massage is and tells us what it us, and why she got it.

Brigitte also shares some of her own experiences and provides lots of tips and words of wisdom. This podcast was recorded live on Facebook and many questions were also answered throughout the recording from viewers who watched live. Angela shares her story of becoming a single mum twice when both times the fathers of her babies and the men she was in a relationship with at the time, left when she was pregnant.


Lyndsey is the mother of two boys and became a single mum in In this episode Lyndsey talks about her relationship with the father of her sons, and how she removed herself from an emotionally unhealthy relationship. She has since created an amazing life for herself. She is an award-winning designer and Founder of Stand Out Women, which is a global community for women who are ready to live life on their own terms.

Her first book Notes to Self was released in and was a hit with women who connected with her story of overcoming severe shyness and lack of self-worth to have a business where she helps women have the life they really want. Leanne also works with women to design a clear vision and plan that helps them overcome mindset blocks that keep them stuck, boost their confidence so they can stop worrying and doubting themselves and feel good about taking deliberate and inspired action.

In this episode of the Single Mother Survival Guide Podcast, Leanne tells us about her own journey of becoming a single mum, and what it was like being such a young single mum and how she coped. She also discusses the benefits she encountered in being a single mum, and what it has taught her daughter. To contact Julia, email: julia singlemothersurvivalguide.

Visit us at Single Mother Survival Guide. Having to choose between having an abortion and being a single mother is one of the toughest crossroads anyone can encounter. Alyce went from working in resorts and living an idyllic lifestyle, to pregnant with a partner who no longer wanted to have a baby. She also shares her positives of being a single mum, and offers her advice for new single mums. According to research a whooping 50 percent of men and women have experienced it and an almost equal number have done the ghosting.

Adeline is a qualified personal trainer, wellbeing coach and mealprepninja. Her mission is to help busy people prioritise and take control of their wellbeing via her signature meal prep systems. This story has to be heard to be believed.

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  5. Once again she found her feet even though more challenges came her way. Rebecca is a positive role model for single mothers and an example of the strength that we are all capable of. Rebecca is such a positive person and is now paying it forward to other single mothers. Rebecca shares her story with us and how she balances looking after herself as a single mum. Kate and Julia discuss what steps to take, and what to consider from a legal perspective when you are separated. This includes:.

    This generally leads to early and cost effective settlements as people are reasonable and empowered when they are confident that they have received the right advice and have a good understanding of the process and their rights.

    Trish Everett is a communication consultant and mindset coach.