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Haaretz, which said it relied on testimonies of sources in 15 different countries, found that superpowered spying tools—used to snoop on phonecalls, texts, online activity, emails and audio—had been used on civilians, often to grave consequence. In one example, Haaretz discovered that Verint products sold to Azerbaijan had been used to find the "sexual inclinations" of citizens via Facebook.

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In , it emerged that 45 gay and bisexual men, and transgender women, had been targeted by Azerbaijan police. Some had been arrested and tortured, according to Human Rights Watch, which called the move a "violent campaign. Haaretz reported that Verint products exported to Bahrain also had the ability to collect data from social networks.

All Women Are Spies

The small Gulf region has jailed dissidents for online postings. Indonesia, where same-sex relationships are a criminal offense, used Verint products to "create a database of LGBT rights activists who had been targeted for surveillance" and monitor religious minorities, Haaretz said. Full show recording is available on request. Confront your fears of mass surveillance or satisfy your curiosity about the shadowy world of the secret services. In the Call-A-Spy workshop our coaches will guide you through a series of steps. You will develop strategies, experiment with conversation starters and learn how to extract information from secret service agents.

Our coaches share advice and experiences from previous workshop participants and connect you with a call centre professional. The workshop format provides all the excitement of calling spies in the comfort of a guided group experience.

Participants work in pairs and are supported by coaches on hand with expert knowledge and advice on how avoid obstacles in conversation with spies. Workshops can be held for groups of up to 20 people in both English and German. The Call-A-Spy installation offers a private way for everyday citizens to call up agents of the secret services, one on one.

After hearing some pre-recorded information about the intelligence agencies and the people who work there, you can choose which country you want to reach and within a matter of seconds be talking to a real spy. The Call-A-Spy installation consists of one or more phones, connected to our Call-A-Spy server, enabling a connection to several secret service agencies. The installation can be set up in museums, conferences, art shows, etc. A stable internet connection is required. We are happy to set up any of the Call-A-Spy formats at your venue.

For more information and booking requests, please contact booking call-a-spy. But now something human shines through. And suddenly you become a protagonist and make a rare and emotional experience. As nonsense.

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But [ Foxwell and Schlegel do not get on at all well and even less so when Schlegel makes Armstrong his Personal Assistant. Shortly after his return, Armstrong is about to leave his flat when it is ransacked by KGB Colonel Oleg Stok and two assistants, who even blow open a safe left by the previous occupant.

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They offer no explanation for this, leaving Armstrong yet more puzzled. We learn that Armstrong worked for Dawlish before deciding to quit intelligence work. Dawlish tries to recruit him but Armstrong turns him down. Toliver has a suspicious car accident returning home from Foxwell's party.

Armstrong traces the woman who was reported to be with him to a small French restaurant, where he discovers photos of a Soviet Rear-Admiral and a Soviet Rear-Admiral's uniform being made. He returns to the restaurant later to discover it deserted. Breaking in, he discovers all traces of what he had earlier seen have been removed, along with all paperwork.

Armstrong uses the Studies Centre library to find the name of the Soviet Rear-Admiral: Remoziva, whose equally high-achieving sister is leading a Soviet delegation negotiating the re-unification of East and West Germany. Leaving the restaurant, he is met by a high-ranking police officer who escorts him to Battersea, from where a helicopter takes him to Heathrow Airport, from whence he is flown north in a small single-engine aircraft. It takes him to a remote location in the West of Scotland, where he finds Toliver and his co-conspirators.

It appears that they have been running their own unauthorised intelligence operation to arrange the defection of Admiral Remoziva, who will die within a year if he does not receive treatment for a kidney condition. The plan is to meet the Admiral on the Arctic ice and leave a corpse in his place.

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They had planned to keep him at Armstrong's former flat, and use the adjoining medical bay to treat him. Armstrong receives a message from an unidentified member of the clique advising him to leave, which he does.

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After a nightmare journey through a snow storm, he reaches a road, where he finds Dawlish and Schlegel waiting. They tell him that the defection is still on, though using a USN submarine instead of a British one. Out on the Arctic ice, they rendezvous with Remoziva's helicopter but it turns out to contain Colonel Stok. After a brief struggle the helicopter takes off with one of Stok's men holding on to Foxwell.

Armstrong grabs Foxwell's legs and is also hauled aloft. He fires at the man holding Foxwell and they both fall to the ice. He manages to lift Foxwell and staggers off to where their submarine has surfaced but by the time he reaches it Foxwell is dead. At the end of the book it is revealed that the scheme was to discredit Remoziva and by association, his siblings; his sister is forced to step down from the German Re-unification negotiations, causing the talks to collapse. Len Deighton's fascination with military history and computers are combined in Ferdy Foxwell's Studies Centre.

The Centre possesses a mainframe computer, which is used in contract to the Ministry of Defence and its officers for studying likely military scenarios for the Cold War becoming a Hot War. Ferdy is an expert games player, and usually defeats the officers sent to play against him. A noteworthy win involves simulating the ability of Soviet amphibians to land on ice on the Bering Strait in winter, which extends their range and allows them to act as a deterrent to warships, which US Navy officers did not expect.