The Expert Witness Handbook, Revised 3rd Edition: Tips and Techniques for the Litigation Consultant

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Financial Expert Witness Communication covers all areas of financial litigation including accounting, financial forensics, forensic technology, and damages—all from the point of view of an expert witness. The book is especially helpful for those who expect to be formally designated as an expert witness; however, it is also appropriate for financial forensic accountants, litigation consultants, and attorneys as they navigate the unique playing field of the financial litigation process. This book gives financial experts strategies to defend the analysis, conclusions, and expert opinions they have at their disposal.

It also provides thorough explanations of compliance, data limitations, and due diligence as well as how to handle demanding legal counsel, with a goal of better preparing them for the entire legal process. It takes a well-rounded approach by including special chapters on such concepts as retention, privilege, responsibilities, ethics, and testimony, all written by a nationally recognized expert.

As a bonus, the companion website presents an additional expert witness case study and guidelines for fulfilling an expert witness role.

Now fully revised and updated, focused on commercial litigation and the many common types of cases, this is the only book in the field to explain the complicated process of measuring business interruption damages. The book features an easy to understand and apply, step-by-step process for how losses should be measured so as to be accurate and reliable and consistent with the relevant laws. With a new chapter on the economics of punitive damages, the new edition also explains detailed methods for measuring damages in contract litigation, intellectual property lawsuits, antitrust, and securities cases.

This new Second Edition incorporates the latest developments in the fields of economics and accounting, while also integrating the most current changes in case law. Containing exhibits, tables, and graphs, new cases involving Dauber, how to do industry research, equity risk premium, research studies on the marketability discount, anti-trust, punitive damages, and more, Measuring Business Interruption Losses and Other Commercial Damages, Second Edition incorporates the relevant literature and research that has come out in this field over the past four years.

Essentials of Forensic Accounting is an authoritative resource covering a comprehensive range of forensic accounting topics. Through illustrative examples, cases, and explanations, this book makes abstract concepts come to life to help you understand and successfully navigate this complex area. The new chapters and updated analyses in this Third Edition reflect recent, relevant court cases dealing with culture, race, gender, religion, and personal status.

Drawing on court materials, state and federal legislation, and legal ethnographies, the text analyzes the ongoing tension between, on the one hand, the need of different groups for cultural autonomy and equal rights, and on the other, the necessity of national unity and security. The text integrates the authors' commentary with case descriptions set in historical, cultural, political, and economic context. While the authors' thesis is that law is an instrument of social policy that has generally furthered an assimilationist agenda in American society, they also point out how in different periods, under different circumstances, and with regard to different groups, law has also some opportunity for cultural autonomy.

Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New arrivals. Weil Peter B. Frank Christian W. Hughes Michael J. Wagner January 2, Litigation Services Handbook, Fourth Edition is referred to as the litigation bible. Its nearly 50 chapters read like a who's who in law and accounting.

The handbook includes all aspects of litigation services, including current environments, the process itself, a wealth of cases, how to prove damages, and practical considerations of court appearances. The new edition has a heavy focus on fraud investigations and complying with Sarbanes-Oxley requirements. Roman L.

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He joined the faculty at the University of Chicago in , where he has held positions in Mathematical Economics, Management and Information Sciences, Accounting, and in the law School. At Stanford, he has, since its inception, organized the sessions at Directors' College on Audit Committee duties. He has served on the Board of Academic Advisors of the U. Business School in Prague and has taught there. He has served on the accrediting committee of the American Association of Collegiate Schools of Business. His articles have appeared in Barron's and the Wall Street Journal.

He has published over 80 articles in academic and professional journals.

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He has served as the principal investigator on various research projects of the National Science Foundation. At the Financial Accounting Standards Board, he has served on two task forces-one on consolidations and the other on interest methods-and on the Financial Accounting Standards Advisory Council. Weil has consulted to governmental agencies, including the U. Treasury Department and the Securities and Exchange Commission. He has testified as expert witness or consultant in a variety of litigation matters involving accounting principles, business valuation, damages estimation, regulatory issues, and taxes.

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Published on. Original pages. Best For. Web, Tablet. It depends on the unique needs of the student and a school's standards for protecting that student from harm.

When empathy is lost, the wall between parents and school personnel grows taller and reinforcements are called in --the lawyers. This article explains how you can stop focusing on the wall. Change the attitude and move forward with the child at the center. This article reviews recent legislation and how that legislation effects compliance with student IEPs in regards to the equipment that can improve a student's ability to learn and interact with teachers, family, and friends.

The article details the recommendation of devices and the school's responsibility in regards to their procurement, usage, and maintenance. Disability Harassment. Her harasser regularly called her names, blocked her wheelchair's path with furniture and manipulated her chair's electronic controls so it rammed into walls. It was not until the harasser caused his target serious physical injury and property damage that school officials responded formatively to his hostility by suspending him for three days.

Disability Law Briefing. Abstract: This special paper introduces the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, describes the school district's obligation to advocate for students with disabilities, reviews student rights created by the law, defines key terms, and takes the reader, step by step, through the procedural protections provided by the regulations.

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Litigation Support: The Educator Expert. Abstract: Examples of consultations serve as an illustration of how a consulting education expert can assist lawyers who are working on school and education related cases. Recommendations for Addressing Violence in Schools. The tragic realities of the school killings in Littleton, Colorado, and similar instances of violence involving today's youth, have educators, policymakers and communities searching for causes as well as methods of prevention.

Hit lists, posted on Internet sites and plans made by high school students to "get even" when they are teased are symptoms of what we already know: Bullying, teasing and discrimination are big problems for American children. Our nation's schools pay millions of dollars annually in damages to school children injured in class, sexually assaulted by teachers, and harassed by fellow students.

Unnecessary risks in schools can be controlled to protect the safety of students, faculty and support staffs and to eliminate costly litigation and settlements. Even the most amicable custody arrangements can sour over school choice. As more people move about, the issue of where their children will attend school, and what that school offers compared to their current situation, is becoming more significant in family law.

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This article examines ways an education expert can assist with objective evaluations of school programs. The Educator as a Consulting and Testifying Expert. The educator as a consulting and testifying expert has become one of the most important tools that an lawyer can use in the dispute resolution process involving schools. When the consultant becomes an expert witness the relationship changes. This article explains how the expert educator assesses merits of a case, and provides consultation to lawyers who are working on education and school related cases.

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According to a new national survey, there has been a sharp drop in the percentage of America's children being physically bullied or beaten up by their peers. Assigning fault and responsibility in a lawsuit involving a school is rarely clear cut. Educators as Expert Witnesses and Consultants. Eyewitnesses to the event may only tell what they saw, heard, felt or smelled; they are not allowed to tell what others have said hearsay or say what they think of the case. The first wave of inclusion has crashed upon the shores of our schools. Now, educators and parents are looking toward the horizon awaiting the next wave to see what it brings.

Now that the administrative law judge ordered Heather into the regular fourth-grade classroom, none of the teachers want to have her, Maybe we shouldn't have filed for a due process hearing against the school. I think it backfired on us. Accountability and Special Education: Planning for Results. Schools seem to have little control over the financial and human resources that are dedicated to special education. How can accountability be achieved? Setting the Boundaries: Sexual Harassment in Schools. By: Edward Dragan.

This article explores common situations regarding sexual harassment in the school setting.