The Boy in the Basement

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More than likely lives in his mother's basement but is not limited to this standard. Also, fears women and will insult them at first given opportunity.

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Calls all girl gamers sluts, whores, and egirls due to their own personal insecurities. Get back in the kitchen you eGirl, that's where you belong, slut" Female gamer : "Aww poor little fella, did I hurt your ego a little? What a basement boy! Basement boys unknown.

Basement boys a collective of young scholars who like to explore and write jef on the walls of the basement.

The Boy from the Basement

Hey did you hear the basement boys new album called basement trappin by various on Spotify. Jerk who lives in the basement and creeps you out. I have to do laundry but that means I might see basement boy. A failson or slacker who lives in his mother's basement or off the support of his mother.

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An offshoot of a momma's boy , he fancies himself to be self-reliant and drastically overestimates his competence in life. Never date a basement boy. He'll mooch off of you and constantly ask you to make him sandwiches. A person who bottoms for other men. The formatting was a bit iffy, but everyone goes through complications like that. Overall, it was pretty good. But I would suggest maybe a paragraph on whether or not you recommend it and a more in depth explanation on how it touched you.

Favorite Quote: "I love deadlines. I like the whooshing sound they make as they fly by.

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The Boy in the Basement Trailer

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What Life Was Like for Missing Detroit Boy, 12, Found in Basement - ABC News

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