The Authentic Catholic Woman

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Perhaps the single most important thing that we do, however, happens in Holy Week each year. We are joined in this by a team of young people from St. We have had a wonderful response from the clergy—gratitude, sometimes even tears of thanks. It actually began as a sort of opposition to feminist campaigners who used to turn up at the cathedral with a banner demanding the ordination of women. In ways that we could never have imagined, it has become really important: priests today face so many challenges and badly need to know that we are with them, and praying for them.

Looking back, I think we wasted a certain amount of time in indignation in the very early years. It is much better just to find out what is good and useful to do, and then do it with joy and with big hearts. We certainly have plenty of plans for the next months and years.

Links with the new Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham, continued expansion of our work with schools—someone has suggested a possible annual award for Catholic teachers that would recognize good work and express our thanks—our website, our booklets, our quarterly review…. There is a genuine debate and discussion about the role of women in the Church. I am grateful for having been challenged, more than 20 years ago, by ardent feminists, to think about what it really means to be a Catholic woman.

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Aug 18, Britt Leigh rated it really liked it Shelves: faith-based. A well-thought-out presentation of the woman as Church the Bride of Christ that celebrates femininity and our gifts, all the while being clear that "girl power" is so much more than current perceptions.

Sometimes people fear that discussion of and the embracing of gender differences somehow equate to inequality between the sexes. This book doesn't advocate being barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen any more than it advocates working outside the home. Rather, it cogently outlines the different f A well-thought-out presentation of the woman as Church the Bride of Christ that celebrates femininity and our gifts, all the while being clear that "girl power" is so much more than current perceptions.

Rather, it cogently outlines the different facets of a woman and how they make her suited to live out the Faith. May 20, Silver rated it liked it Shelves: catholic. Still, if you can get past those things, I do think it's a worthy read.

How about a 3. Jul 13, Sarah rated it did not like it.

The Authentic Catholic Woman

This book would be much more beneficial to someone who is a mom and has a family. For me, I didn't get too much out of it. Apr 30, Ashley rated it did not like it. I never thought it would happen, but I cannot finish this book. It was terrible.

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View 1 comment. Nov 28, Doreen rated it it was amazing. Wonderful book that looks at what it means to be an "authentic Catholic woman" Insightful and liberating!! An rated it it was ok Feb 08, Stef rated it really liked it Sep 01, Samantha Stratton rated it it was amazing Feb 12, Christine Dalessio rated it it was ok Mar 12, Kelsi Wilson rated it really liked it May 28, Laura rated it liked it Oct 19, Gin Tadvick rated it liked it Dec 07, Mary crushed the head of the serpent and at the same time was perfectly true to her feminine nature.

Instead, she was miraculously conceived without sin.

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Soon after her creation, Eve happens to see her reflection in a body of water and immediately falls in love with her own image. Her gift of beauty produced her weakness of vanity. Further, her strength in the realm of relationships was perverted when she deceived her husband Adam. Some qualities most unique to women are receptivity, generosity, and the ability to nurture.

Men can have these characteristics too, but women are best able to embody them. In her Essays on Woman, St. Edith Stein says a woman naturally seeks that which is living, personal, and whole. When women fail to genuinely give and receive this love , they inevitably fall into the weaknesses to which they are most prone. At this point in history, we can learn most from a woman who was a leader and at the same time embraced her femininity. This month of February, we are celebrating the feast of a 13th century princess, St. Louis IX of France.

Woman: An Answer

Guided by her astounding and holy life, we have established 7 practical points for cultivating true femininity. Though she is not a canonized saint, she is a worthy woman, for she raised two saints—her daughter Isabel and her son King Louis IX also portrayed below. More concerned about their immortal souls than their mortal bodies, she once told her children that she would rather see them die than commit a mortal sin. When you read the passage, you will find that the Virtuous Woman is a fountain of life and stability. As you can see, a virtuous woman is not a passive woman which is different from receptivity —she is active in the life of virtue, which involves her soul, mind, and body.

She gives of herself in order to receive new life.

In contrast, men are called to give their lives. Born into luxury as a princess, surely it was a great temptation for Isabel to give into the vice of materialism. Instead, she persisted in her desire to remain holy and not let materialism invade her heart and home. Isabel founded the Convent of the Humility of the Blessed Virgin, closely related to the Franciscan Order, because she counted the crowning glory of Our Lady to be her virtue of humility. Though she never entered the cloister she founded, as it was not her vocation, Isabel closely followed their Rules.

She did not take a vow of poverty, but generously poured out her money for the good of the Order from her own nearby home. For herself, she retained a life of fasting and seated the poor at her own dinner table, choosing to serve them meals before herself.

Part 1: The New Catholic Feminism

If our desire for material items overwhelms or even comes close to our other intrinsic values, something has gone amiss. Isabel did? For example, we can sift through our unused closet items for donations or give generously of our time at a local crisis pregnancy center or food pantry. Isabel was gifted with astounding beauty. Though many men wished to court her, she refused to marry and took a vow of virginity, as she knew that marriage was not her vocation.

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