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Funds not provided for scholarship to kids of scavengers

Some of these scholarships do require you to go to specific schools or be a resident of specific states, so make sure to look at the fine print and all eligibility requirements before applying! Tennessee specific scholarships: Equal Chance for Education.

Applying to and attending college as an undocumented student can come with a very different set of challenges placed on top of the usual nerves of going away to school. The website My Undocumented Life has blog posts and articles written by other undocumented students about all kinds of life situations that are different or challenging because of immigration status.

I will also say that Twitter can be a very valuable resource to anyone looking for scholarships, financial aid, or any questions about college as an undocumented student. If you search hashtags like undocumented, DACA, Dreamers, UndocuSTEM, or if you tweet asking for help looking for resources using those hashtags, other students who have gone through similar situations already are likely to respond and help you out or provide advice!

From the perspective of a teacher, I will also say that if you have a teacher, guidance counselor, or another person that you trust to share this information with and ask for help, we want to help you.

Every person who wants an education deserves access to that education and at least in my case, I will continue to help anyone and everyone who needs help finding a way to make that happen! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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Learn how your comment data is processed. Search Search for:. Castrejon also pointed out specific websites where students can go to do their own digging.

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And it lists all of the scholarships available to you because of these qualifications that you filled out in the form. The Hispanic Scholarship Fund provides resources to families and an online application for scholarships. Sorensen said high school students have to keep in mind that it's best to start with an extensive list of possible scholarship sources, instead of just applying to a couple of the more well-known, national scholarships like the Coca-Cola Scholar Foundation or the Gates Millennium Scholars Program.

So they have scholarships that are available at the school level. There are monetary awards for first-generation, undocumented and international students, as well as Deferred Action Childhood Arrivals recipients.

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