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Even he has to admit that he is rather good at this lying malarkey. Ben finds he has a talent for being a criminal, going from strength to strength, and taking Daisy Productions to new heights.

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But will his latest business venture follow the usual pattern and fail? Will his fabrications be the end of him? A Penny for Them takes a humorous look at crime from the viewpoint of the criminal and is spot on. Its death went observed but not generally mourned by Canadians, whose pockets and purses were suddenly a lot lighter and much less bulky.


And yet, it haunts us still. Every time we buy groceries, a pair of shoes or fill up the tank.

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The price tags still have pennies on them. The price that rings up on the cash register after tax still uses pennies.

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Maybe we should have showed it more respect, like in the U. Metal manufacturers and consumer groups alike are actively lobbying to keep it in circulation.

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It seems a no-brainer that merchants would adjust their prices to the nearest nickel to save a step at the checkout, when cash payers must round up or down to a five-cent increment anyway. Beginning in , pennies began to be manufactured out of zinc, amounting to Some pennies dated are of the almost-all-copper type, and some are the mostly zinc kind.

You can tell them apart by weighing them if you have a sensitive scale: The majority-copper ones weigh 3. The 2.

enter The meltdown value of pre pennies is calculated using the following formula that's also given with the unchanging values filled in:. The meltdown values of other coins, including the mostly zinc penny, are calculated in the same way, substituting copper's values with those of the majority metal.

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You can go to a bank or anywhere else that has large quantities of pennies and buy them at face value, however it can be time-consuming to sort through and isolate the mostly copper ones. Some companies sell bulk pennies that have already been sorted, but they will charge you a premium. Because of the increasing value of copper and other metals, in , the U.