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My actual wedding dress was nothing like the pictures I collected with friends in high school.

My thirty-eight-hour, two epidural labor was nothing like my percent all natural birth plan. Okay, universe. I get the message. The details are delicious, though. The only trouble is that the details hardly ever turn out as planned. I get it, too. People want to feel closer to you or important or useful. They want to be heard.

Or bossy.

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Maybe they just really care and want to solve what they think is a problem for you. I want to feel light, energized, and free. I want to find meaning in my work. I want to be home in time for dinner. I want to create space for contemplation and creativity. So go ahead, universe. Surprise me. About Leslie Ralph Leslie is writer and artist who hopes to leave the world a little brighter than she found it.

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Look for people you can trust.

No Matter What (Song) - Steven Universe The Movie

Asking people is the key to the solution. This is where you create your building blocks of awareness, focus and peace for the rest of the day.

Learn about yourself. Meditation is a life changer. Be aware of your thoughts, your behaviour, your emotions, your senses, your surroundings, and the way you communicate. Practice to be conscious and calm throughout the day, at home, at work, in school, in traffic, in relationships, in every little detail.

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Learn to be involved without being affected. This is the most important practice. Reading will be just a waste of your precious time on this beautiful earth. Put these principles into practice. I have read and agree to the privacy policy. Hi Jerry, Absolutely. Hi Sandra, Absolutely. Being aware that you are able to choose your actions every second of the day is an amazing treasure. This a great article.

The steps are clearly written and easy to apply.


Affirming our Wholeness sounds great. Have a great day! Share your comments below.

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I really appreciate it. People have registrations behind their emails and google disables accounts "just because"???. How is this acceptable? Narayan Genani. Eric Cole So now they are attacking my bank accounts, credit cards, websites Google has been totally unhelpful with just automated systems. This is Cyber Crime Fraud and Google has a duty of care to me as a customer. I can't seem to get through to anyone at Google to stop this madness or at least block the account from being used while they investigate.

Me McMeepants. I feel the frustration, they need to add more questions or something. I made an account in January, I used samsung pass so I only had to use my finger print to sign in so completely forgot my password, then when my phone broke and I got a replacement I couldn't get into my gmail account anymore. The only question I couldn't answer was my last password I remember because I've only had one for the account and I can't remember it not even the slightest clue. I do remember what emails I had in it though and from where they came from but that's not a question they ask.

It's pretty stupid really, there should be a way to contact a customer service to help recover them. Jacqueline Booth. I recently logged into my gmail account.

No Matter What

I am unable to access my mail. We need better customer service than just venting on a thread. I lost my YouTube access on 18 June Young Taso. Cant remember my phone numbers that was used for recovery purpose, even cant remember email for recovery purpose.

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