Her Sisters Voice

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This will be the most emotional thing you will watch all day. A baby girl reacts to hearing her sister's voice for the first time. Her mother Carol Benjamin had to make the decision to treat her with antibiotics and while it cured her infection, it impaired her hearing, necessitating hearing aids. She was left hearing-impaired after being treated with antibiotics to fight off a stomach infection as a newborn. Mum Carol Benjamin was beside herself, caught between laughter and tears.

After what I witnessed today, it was not as well as I thought.

Watch Baby Girl's Priceless Reaction to Hearing Her Sister's Voice Clearly for the First Time

The grateful mother said the hearing aids make a world of difference and went on to thank Atlanta Hearing Associates in Milledgeville for all that they have done for Scarlet. Baby Scarlet would not stop laughing, leaving her mum in hysterics. It has since been shared more than times with friends, family and strangers leaving comments of support. God is great!

In their thoughtful observations, all of us, regardless of gender, are invited to a greater understanding of our shared humanity. Stepping outside our limited backgrounds, opening our eyes and ears, we see and hear women from different nations as they impact society on multiple levels and represent diverse points of view.

Gorgeous moment disabled baby hears her sister’s voice for the first time

For all their differences, though, they are united on a fundamental level:. These are our sisters.

The gift of hearing proves too much for this beautiful baby; she just can't stop laughing.

Their issues are our issues, and as Malala reminded us, our world desperately needs to hear their voices. Set aside any preconceived notions and just gaze, read, and click on the photos to listen to their stories. You may be surprised, moved, even startled. You will not be disappointed. Every person is invaluable in this world, and so I serve every person, every prisoner, with love; I hope and pray through the Holy Spirit.

The Victim

Mother Antonia passed away in October Inocente Izucar is an artist, teen activist, Academy Award winner, former homeless teen, undocumented daughter of Mexican immigrant parents from Chula Vista, CA. Their unique experiences demand we be inclusive and welcoming of their perspectives.

As a Somalian woman working to effect change, this is critical to my work.

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Steffanie Strathdee. He handed in our exams one day, and the next week he was gone. Later, my Ph. It appeared that a virus was able to peck out the very things that make our society uncomfortable: sex, death, homosexuality, prostitution.

These SISTERS' voices SHOOK the coaches in The Voice Kids

Steffanie Strathdee, Ph. My mother was 14 when she joined the movement.

go site It was that culture, those ethics, and those values that shape me. Through rescue, care, and legal protection, the home has served 5, women since Now more than ever, the knowledge held by women needs to be embraced if we are to begin solving the challenges facing our community.