God Saved Me From Silence!

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Andrew Garfield Went Quiet For A Week Preparing For 'Silence'

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Silence in Heaven – Revelation 8:1-5

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Mental and Emotional Issues

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  • Come to God with your suffering.
  • When Is Silence Unhelpful or Harmful?!
  • Waiting: Four Hundred Years of Silence?
  • What Does the Bible Say About Silence?.
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    Knowing When to Speak and When to Be Silent | Unlocking the Bible

    Where is our light in the darkness? From the closing words of Malachi in the Old Testament to the opening chapter of Matthew in the Bible, four hundred years of silence passed. Where was God?

    • Department of the Army Historical Summary Fiscal Year 1971;
    • Description.
    • Waiting: Four Hundred Years of Silence - FaithGateway.
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    • Industrial Ventilation Systems (Engineering SoundBites).
    • What happened during those four hundred years? At the close of Malachi, Israel is back in Palestine after Babylonian captivity but under domination of Persia and Medeo. And by the time Matthew begins, Israel is under Roman rule.


      During those four hundred years, pagan empires rose and fell. And the Old Testament was translated to Greek, which was pivotal to the Bible being translated for everyone to read and understand. At the end of the four hundred years, people had grown tired of pagan faiths and were weary of the world in general.

      There was an air of expectancy as people began to wait and hope for the promised Messiah.

      staging.khio.no/17543.php All of these things worked together to create a world that was hungry and desperate for a change, a world that sensed its darkness and hopelessness. And when the time was just right, God sent His Son to earth as a baby boy. When all hope was lost and the world was at its darkest — God showed up in a totally unexpected way.