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Paperback —. Add to Cart. Product Details. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Related Articles. Looking for More Great Reads? Download Hi Res. LitFlash The eBooks you want at the lowest prices. This has always been so. Would you give your child a rattlesnake and say watch out for the fanged end? The best filter is not putting it in their hand. The abdication of parenting to the marketing-driven, impersonal, amoral vacuity of a Google search engine should terrify every parent in the world.

This is in contrast to a book where the mind is providing the images, color, and the gaps that are filled between printed words. Imagination and creativity are stifled through the smartphone screen by continually putting the user in the seat of the consumer. There is no free-flowing exchange of thought that expands the experience.

Instead of getting smarter and more able during the experience, one becomes dumber and duller. When fastened to a screen, the viewer loses engagement with the real world.

Screens are only representations, at best, of the real world. When this happens, the user loses contact with the world around them, exchanging it for a fake reality. Strangely, this experience of losing oneself in a screen is addictive to humans. Countless studies have proven this to be true, but more so, it can be observed one example at a time.

Instead of addiction to the mere amusement of a flashing screen, I want my child to become addicted to their own creativity. There is no screen click that compares to bringing your own poem, story, musical piece, or visual art into the world. Personal creativity is a wonderful lifelong addiction that must be fostered in youth. In this same line, screens are debilitating in that they never allow a child to be bored.

A timeline of North Korea-U.S. flashpoints

There is always one more click to lead to another click. Boredom is the great spur of creativity. I must have the courage to let my child sit in boredom … knowing the powerful weapon of their brain is many times activated by this very experience. I want them to wonder at the beauty of the created world that surrounds them each day. By tethering them to me for every event, camp, and after-school event I suffocate their need to develop planning skills and the ability to face the consequences of their actions.

Would I sacrifice this crucial developmental point on the altar of my convenience? Or worse yet, play into my own helicoptering need to be involved and direct every second of their lives? Six thousand years of recorded human history tells us that a screen- and phone-free childhood is possible. I am not at their beck and call. I want them to learn to plan ahead, accept consequences, and figure it out when things go wrong.

Moving images on screens are inherently deceptive. Their sole purpose is to rev up your lust and envy and greed so you will make a purchase. People in the advertising business spend years learning how to manipulate children. The claim that Google, Facebook, and Instagram are free is an outrageous mythical illusion. Nothing on the vast medium is free. Every click and viewed second is tracked and monetized.

What would our world be if no one in history had raised their kids with steel backbones to buck popular opinion and practice? A childhood full of carefully crafted lies in photoshopped images and adspeak renders them helpless to what is real and truly needful in life.

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Most of the residual online marketing is sexualized to preposterous degrees. If they are raised on what is false, how will they know what is real? There is a huge difference in the generalized casual sarcasm of teenagers and a cultivated instinct concerning con men reaching for your wallet. They must know what is authentic and what is counterfeit. Any bank teller will tell you that. I want them to grow up knowing what real people look like, how they act, and how they sound. Even if this were not true, what would be the real benefit? The symbiotic gain of even one true friendship is a buoyancy that easily outweighs a thousand clicks on a lip-pouting selfie from Disney World.

I want my kids to do things, not simply classify themselves by what others like. Social media thrives on a narcissistic vanity that has been condemned by every culture throughout human history. This has been proven in numerous studies to lead to depression, suicide, and a range of other social dysfunctions.

I want my kids to value a conversation with the old lady across the street more than a thousand likes of their recent concert attendance or preference of Star Wars over Harry Potter. The anonymous nature of screen interaction promotes secrecy and kills real community. If this is painfully true for adults, then how much more so is it for children?

Connections and relationships birthed and nurtured online can never be trusted entirely, especially for children still learning the complexities of relationships with their own family members. I want to know their friends and their acquaintances. These are the people they will become.

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It matters who they are talking to, who they are being shaped by. Every step toward new methods and mediums must be weighed with this in mind. Technology did not arrive with the iPhone. The printing press, penicillin, and the Hubble telescope were all steps forward that all people embrace. Does Snapchat, Twitter, and non-stop sexualized advertising make my life better? Does spending an entire Saturday playing Fortnite with strangers make my life better?

Screens are a recent experiment in human culture.

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Findley was an early critic of the Vietnam War and in helped write the War Powers Resolution, better known as the War Powers Act, which requires presidents to notify Congress within 48 hours if they send troops into combat. It also limits the time those troops can remain deployed without congressional authorization.

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The act sprang from Mr. Congress has since accused several presidents of violating the act and ignoring the legislative branch when it comes to deploying troops. The upshot is that the resolution is frequently invoked for political purposes but has been largely unworkable as a matter of law. The courts have preferred to stay out of the issue.