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Suddenly, Last Summer Catherine Holly. Cleopatra Cleopatra. Sarah voice. Elizabeth Taylor voice.

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Maggie Simpson voice. Andrews - A Formula for Hate Andrews voice. Madam Conti credit only. Show all 6 episodes. Katherine Cole. Helena Cassadine. Emily Loomis. Flora 'Sissy' Goforth. Herself - Guest. Herself as Dame Elizabeth Taylor. Herself uncredited. Herself - Interviewee. Goes to Cannes! TV Series Herself - Cannes Herself - Winner. TV Movie Herself uncredited.

Show all 7 episodes. TV Special documentary Herself. DeMille Award Recipient. Humphrey TV Special Herself. Herself - Actress. TV Movie Herself. In December , it was delivered to the newlyweds at the Pierre, where they were living. When Fisher and Taylor traveled to Rome in for the filming of Cleopatra , and they brought the convertible along with them, according to Guernsey's.

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There, Taylor began an affair with her co-star, Richard Burton. Fisher damaged the car's fender while he was rushing to the set. It's unclear whether Burton played a role in Fisher's haste.

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  • The following year, Taylor divorced Fisher and married Burton. Ironically, MGM had given her the role abroad as a means of breaking up her affair with the director Stanley Donen. Taylor and Wilding were married in , at a London registry office. Her sons, Michael and Christopher, were both born by caesarean section, in and respectively. By the marriage began to totter. She was 24, and becoming one of the most sought-after stars in Hollywood, especially after her performance in Stevens's Giant, during which she formed warm relationships with her co-stars, Rock Hudson and James Dean.

    Wilding was middle-aged and his career was fading, although she got him an MGM contract. Clearly the age gap, which Taylor had insisted was unimportant at the outset, played an important part in the break-up of the marriage, and they agreed to an amicable divorce. Ironically, the man she was to marry next was five years older than Wilding.

    But the flamboyant impresario Mike Todd real name Avrom Goldbogen , the begetter of Around the World in 80 Days , was noted for his youthful spirit and his abundant energy. In the same year, a daughter, Liza, was born, also by caesarean, and both mother and child nearly died.

    Taylor was advised never to have another baby. A mere seven months later, Todd's private plane, Lucky Liz, in which he was flying to New York, crashed in a storm near Albuquerque leaving no survivors.

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    • Taylor had wanted to accompany her husband on the flight but she was persuaded to stay at home because of a flu virus. On hearing of the crash, she screamed so loudly that neighbours a few doors away could hear her, and she had to be drugged to prevent her from taking her own life. Gradually, Taylor came out of seclusion and completed Cat On a Hot Tin Roof, another Williams adaptation, which she had already been filming when Todd was killed.

      Despite, or because of, her state of mind, she gave one of her most finely wrought performances as the sexually frustrated Maggie. Her voice, never her strong point, seemed to have gained in power, and she matched Paul Newman and Burl Ives blow for blow. The film's box-office potential was increased further by the gossip surrounding Taylor and Fisher. Taylor, who had been cast as the grieving widow, now found herself in the role of the vamp who wrecked the Fishers' apparently idyllic marriage.


      Elizabeth Taylor Bequeathed Her Estate to Her Ex-Husband

      The outraged moralistic public was unaware that the Fisher-Reynolds marriage was already in tatters. Taylor was in London where she was completing Suddenly, Last Summer in which she brilliantly played Katharine Hepburn's mentally-disturbed niece , when the producer Walter Wanger offered her the title role in Cleopatra. To everyone's astonishment, 20th Century-Fox agreed to her terms, making her the highest-paid performer for a single film in the history of Hollywood to that date.

      When filming on Cleopatra started at Pinewood studios, Peter Finch was Julius Caesar and Stephen Boyd was Mark Antony, although neither of them was to see their leading lady for more than a month. Taylor was first stricken with a cold, then a fever, then an infected tooth. In March , she was rushed to a London clinic with lung congestion. She was given a tracheotomy that helped her breathing, but for days she was on the danger list.

      Elizabeth Taylor - Thing of Beauty

      After some time in a coma, she began to rally. Her physicians announced, "She has made a very rare recovery. Miss Taylor is a woman of great courage. She put up a wonderful fight. In the spring, Taylor won her first Oscar, after three consecutive nominations for best actress in a leading role in Raintree County, Cat On a Hot Tin Roof and Suddenly, Last Summer , for her role as a high-class hooker in the film Butterfield 8, an adaptation of John O'Hara's novel.

      It was quiet and you could almost feel the electricity between Elizabeth Taylor and Burton. After the first "electric scene" they performed together, Burton, who was married, frequented the villa in the evenings. On one particular occasion, while Burton was regaling the guests with stories, Fisher went to the piano and started playing and singing loudly.

      How Marianne Williamson Came to Officiate Elizabeth Taylor's Last Wedding

      Finally, Taylor yelled, "Shut up, Eddie! We can't talk! A few moments later, Fisher's records were blasting through the house. Taylor covered her ears while the guests departed, diplomatically.