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More than 3 in 5 participants in the survey use personal fans or heaters or don lap blankets and fingerless gloves. Cadi Withers was swamped last year with summertime air-conditioning complaints from employees at the New York City offices of AppNexus, an online advertising-technology firm. Withers, senior manager, global office operations.

AppNexus started using an app last summer that allows employees to order up a minute blast of cool air or heat on command. Users can send one of three messages via the app, by Comfy, of Oakland, Calif. To avoid inciting conflict, AppNexus requires at least two people in the same office zone to make an identical request within 10 minutes before sending a blast of air.

Withers says. Honeywell Building Solutions in Minneapolis plans this summer to launch a similar app it has been testing since last fall, called Vector Occupant. Building managers typically strive to maintain temperatures in a 2-degree or 3-degree range between 68 degrees and 74 degrees Fahrenheit—levels shown in research to be comfortable for most people, says Diane Coles Levine, managing partner of Workplace Management Solutions, a Long Beach, Calif. To placate chronic complainers, some facility managers install dummy thermostats.

Research shows office workers perform best when they have control over their physical environment. People also perform better on challenging tests of working memory when the temperature is set at the level they prefer, even if their preference is outside the range regarded as best for the majority, says a recent study, published last year in Psychological Research. Those who said they liked the heater low performed better at a room temperature of 59 degrees, well below the normal range. Those who said they like the heater high did better when the room was at an above-average 77 degrees, the study found.

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Knowing that the room is at a temperature you prefer may help shore up the ego strength required to persevere at challenging tasks, the study says. One is different circadian rhythms: Night owls may feel cold when they arrive at work because their body temperature tends to hit its lowest point around dawn, more than two hours later than morning people, research shows. Paras says. Gender plays a role, too. Lyons, the president. Lyons says. Instead, the two have an uneasy truce: Ms. Lyons refrains from adjusting the thermostat and runs a space heater.

And then I go for a walk. She likes the temperature at He recently used a temperature-control app to secretly lower the thermostat in Ms. Sutter, director of operations, says she realizes her colleagues sometimes suffer because her thermostat is so high and tries to dial it down when that happens. Sutter and another manager who likes it hot have windows facing west, where rooms tend to heat up more in the afternoon. Those who prefer cooler temps are along the east side.

Some employers give managers who are chronically overheated separate offices with their own thermostats, says Dave Hicks, director of facilities solutions for OpenWorks.

Others move overheated employees away from windows and sunlight. Mimic the actor's pose in his Cosmopolitan centerfold —he's sprawled on his side, legs slightly bent at the knees—and crunch up from that position, hinging at your hips. Bearskin rug not required. Cut salt Potassium-rich foods some beans, dark leafy greens, squash, avocados, mushrooms, bananas balance out the sodium in your body, and laying off processed junk and otherwise healthy fare like cottage cheese, nut butter, wheat bread, and tomato sauce keeps you from adding any more.

Increase fiber Too little can cause digestive problems that lead to bloating; up your intake by eating raspberries, pears, potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and cauliflower. Hydrate Water helps move that fiber through the digestive system efficiently. Be an Active Beachgoer Don't just sit there. You could be getting a workout—and having fun, too.

Here's roughly how many calories a pound man will burn during 30 minutes of.

Try These 3 New-School Boot Camps Procrastinators can cram months' worth of gym sessions into less than a week at one of these intensive sweatfests. Men's Fitness Boot Camp Vacation Coronado, California Expect five hours of strength-training and core-conditioning workouts, fueled by gourmet low-glycemic meals. Bikini BootCamp Tulum, Mexico Don't let the name fool you: The results from the circuit-training, kickboxing, and other shape-up-fast sessions all done along the Mayan Riviera are so good, you won't care what it's called.

Big Mike's Ultimate Beach Workout Santa Monica, California These one-hour workouts include intense plyometric exercises like burpees, as well as sandbag drills and kickass yoga.

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Rub It Off So maybe you had one fried-fish sandwich too many and you need to cheat. A grooming cream or gel can't give you rock-hard abs, but it can make the skin on your stomach appear tauter.

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Blue Hawaii Elvis in a white high-waisted swimsuit—the look that brought tourists to Hawaii in the sixties. Endless Summer The board shorts!

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The six-packs! The textured hair! Our infatuation with surf culture begins. Blue Lagoon Christopher Atkins' sun-bleached curls and deep tan almost steal the spotlight from Brooke Shields. Point Break Patrick Swayze and Keanu Reeves turn wet suits and shaggy hair into surfer-gang chic.

The Talented Mr. Ripley Jude Law—bronzed, slicked hair— epitomizes European beach elegance. Step Into Liquid The wave-toned torsos in this doc introduced us to board-based workouts. Snack Like You Give a Damn Beachside indulgences, from the totally okay to the if-you-absolutely-have-to, ranked by nutritionists Clarke and Jarosh.

Frozen fruit Icy mango slices, pineapple chunks, or cherries are like healthy Popsicles. Freeze any fruit—the less watery, the better it will hold up in a cooler.


Watermelon juice The downside to drinking juice instead of eating whole fruit is that you can easily ingest 10 slices of liquid watermelon, where you might chew only three. Still, it's less sugar than a snow cone. Ceviche The fresh-fish, lime-juice, and olive-oil combo is like the unicorn of snacks: a rare protein-heavy, low-carb find. White-wine spritzer Aim for an wine-seltzer mix: You'll keep yourself hydrated and lower the number of calories you'd consume in a full pour.

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Ice-cream cone Sugar trumps waffle because it has fewer calories and holds less ice cream. Apply the bronzer along the center of your muscles, fading it outward. A lighter formula, like a mousse, is easiest to blend. Try St. Bring Up the Rear Even if you prefer knee-skimming board shorts, swimsuit styles are skewing tighter. Strengthen those glutes with walking lunges, reverse lunges, or speed-skater lunges, Pasternak says.

And when you tire of all of the lunging, add in stiff-legged dead lifts. Move Those Legs If you're skipping cardio but still want a big-calorie burn from your workout, punish your leg muscles, the largest in the body.


Try weighted squats barbell on shoulders , dead lifts, box jumps, and burpees. Keep your heart rate up—and torch calories—by nixing rests between sets. Get Tri-Curious Biceps may get all the love, but the triceps make up about 70 percent of your arm. So giving them extra attention can get you sleeve-busting arm muscles, too. Mathews suggests moves like extensions while standing French presses or while lying on a bench skull crushers.

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Buy a Six-Pack If you exercise and eat right but still can't finish off the fat covering your abs, a trip to the doctor could help. UltraShape , a noninvasive treatment, ruptures fat cells using ultrasound frequencies, and "your body absorbs the destroyed fat," says Dr. The most you'll feel is a slight tingle.