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Wow, Spencer, I am truly sorry for what happened to you, although I still have both of my adsense accounts I am slowing transitioning away and using media. He also said accounts with those many sites are also red flags because Google knows that one person or entity cannot maintain hundreds of sites.

Again I am sorry, this affiliate marketing game can be so good at times and then things can go to hell at the drop of a dime. Best of luck, but from my experience, you can never go wrong with selling physical products. Des: I think what your family member pretty much sums it up. This is probably indeed the red flags they saw in my account. Look at this from googles perspective. They are not going to stand by and let a bunch of internet marketers take money out of their pockets with thin, highly ranking websites.

At the end of the day, they make a LOT more when a user clicks a link directly from the google search result.

It sure beats having to pay all of that money out to you. I think you are confused. If a google user searches google and clicks on an adsense ad from the results, google makes ALL of the money. Actually you are mistaken here. This ADDS to their revenue. I have tried to appeal but google refused me. Not only google adsense, Google Affiliate with work with adsense also shut down. Thank for your sharing. Hi Spencer, Not good news. Nate is very good at researching keywords but he monetizes them by creating video courses that are more valuable than an eBook and are not difficult to create.

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Basically, instead of monetizing via AdSense, he finds low competition keywords that can be monetized with a Powerpoint video course. Best, Fede. I guess the moral of the story is dont advertise how you make money on adsense, and dont put out lame content, plus dont have hundreds of sites on an account. I hope over the past couple of weeks you were already thinking about a plan B because accounts are being shut down everywhere.

Some micro-niche, others large authority sites that get over 3K unique visitors a day. First off, sorry to hear that Spencer. I feel your pain and your hurt! I have been following your blog for the past few months and I love your newsletters.

This happened to me and my partner few months ago. We have been using adsense for 2 years and suddenly we got the typical letter like the one you got and it felt like the world came down on us. For the first few days I struggled to eat because that was our main income. The worst thing was that, not only did Google disabled the accounts, but they also penalized all the sites that was in the account. Our ranking after they disabled the account went from page one to page 6 for all keywords. These were sites that were generating figure sum every month, we lost everything.

Luckily for you, your ranking were not affected. The main reason I got banned I think was some coupons sites I had and I suspect the same thing happened to you because you said you had some oil change coupon sites and I had some of that as well. If you look in Flippa, you will see what I mean. Almost all the coupon sites being listed had their account disable.

I know friends as well that had coupon sites and their accounts were disabled. I have completely left adsense and I went back to affiilate marketing I was doing before adsense. Luckily for me, I found some good product keywords I was able to rank for and I am now making the same money like I did with adsense with rest of mind! The affiliate managers care about you and they specifically answer your question unlike adsense that just sent generic message to everyone!

Other good alternative to Google adsense are infolinks and medianet which you said you have already applied. They are the top 2.

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About their affiliate. I had my Google adword account suspended last week. I got in contact with them and I had this customer service assistant sending and replying to my e-mails every minute of the day. Within a few days, they reinstated my account. Because they know you are spending money and they lose out if they close your account. Even after they reinstated my account she was still sending me e-mails to make sure I was happy. You will never get that with adsense! The main problem with coupon websites is that they usually use trademarked names in the domains. Plus, most of the time they are extremely thin MFA sites.

The One of the most potential reason is that you just put ads to too many site, i have a friend with a lot of adsense ban experience, he told that you should never put ads on more than 10 sites mns , and when you reach a day, you should consider to launch a new one, normally google will never watch you if you get a little amount daily but it will trigger something when you reach a litter bigger, so nver put all eggs in one basket. I highly doubt coupon sites are the cause here. Did everyone in the past 4 weeks who have been banned from Adsense have coupon sites in their portfolio?

Doubt it. And why would Google specifically hate coupon sites? It was a technical mistake. And I had taken off too. They dimply did nt provide any satisfactory answer and blocked my account. I really did not like this kind of behaviour from a big internet giant like google.

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Well, I can not do anything much if they even do not consider an appeal and just stubborn to banned the account without giving a second chance. I tried other ad networks but they do not pay good. What it means? If a third party can target to advertisements and make a platform like Adsense with second chance in case of something wrong before banning and a customer support , I guess fortune can be made.

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I am sure many other people might have thought about it. If not then its time to think and attack google business. I do not find what google did to me and other publishers is ethical. Time will tell what happens to google.

How to appeal an AdSense ban for invalid traffic?

But I am pretty sure this kind of unethical treatment can lead towards bottom. Time can make a King a Beggar and a Beggar a King!!

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Thank you for paying attention to my post. I hope some ad netowrk companies are paying attention to it and will come with attractive platform against Adsense. I hope you can find a suitable replacement for the lost earnings. I have a few adsense sites and was looking to get more bbut I guess I am going to mix it up a bit.

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It would be a pretty risky purchase, I think…although I saw somewhere that someone had mentioned he purchases sites like this on a regular basis and uses a different AdSense account on the purchased sites…. This is such a shame bud, im sorry to be reading this story. I have been reading this blog for a while but have never implemented just an Adsense site, i usually use it to top up CPA sites.

The risks involved in relying on just Google Adsense income always appeared to outweigh other options of monetization for me. Especially when they can just shut you down like this. The fact that you can only have one Adsense ID made this route far more risky to me because they can shut down s of sites at once, rather than one or two. I have a number of authority sites, ones where im interested in adding new content and offers on a daily basis. This way the site is always fresh and you get returning customers rather than the ones who just come and go once via a search term.

I hope you get back on track Spencer and look forward to seeing how you get on with the other ad networks. Gotta be worth a try. Thank you for being brave enough to share this. I think it will help a lot of people be able to build their businesses. I also have full confidence that you will recover, and come back with even more great lessons to share! Sorry for the double post Spencer. To not feel any obligation to give a better explanation when the figures are that high is outrageous. I think that this is nothing less than pure theft and I am very surprised there is not a bigger public outcry other than o well its Google they do what they want.

Not that you need it since you will surely bounce back Spencer, but keep it up man. Oy Spence! Bad news. Maybe the appeal will be successful. One thing seems to be for sure — niche sites are dying out. You gotta put out something original and authoritative that nobody else has, which is easier said than done.

Identify why your AdSense account was disabled